AmblyoCare is a software system developed in the frame of the SEE-KID / CEVD project in cooperation with the hospital “Barmherzige Brüder” Linz.

The main goal of AmblyoCare is to provide an environment for ophthalmologists which allows an effective and objective early diagnosis and therapy of high grade amblyopia especially for infants. Although training the remaining vision is most effective at a young age by regular therapy, the target group of AmblyoCare not only includes infants and children, but also high grade visually affected adult patients.

There is already a wide range of tools being used in amblyopia therapy. AmblyoCare covers many of the traditional methods in one single software system to make therapy sessions more efficient and practical. It offers ophthalmic professionals a variety of individually customizable stimulation methods, which provide a wide range of possibilities for the diagnosis and therapy. With predefined workflows, so called examination blocks, it is possible to structure and optimize the therapy based on the diagnosis. As the patient’s impairment improves, the therapy needs to be adapted gradually.

For this purpose, AmblyoCare allows the intuitive and exact adjustment of all parameters. The flexibility is also needed in early visual assessment, where therapy tends to be more difficult as the attention span of children is lower and emotional components play a larger role (e.g. using pictures of family members in a stimulation can achieve a significantly better therapeutic response). To make longer and more productive therapy sessions possible, we have also integrated interactive games (e.g. memory game) which can be combined with conventional stimulation methods in the background (e.g. moving bars).


AmblyoCare is a highly versatile tool with a calibrated, standardized presentation of various visual stimuli for the diagnosis and therapy of amblyopia. It is available for several platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) and the possibility to use it on two separate devices offers high mobility (one device for the parameterization as well as the monitoring of the patient with a camera and one device for the presentation of the stimuli). AmblyoCare documents all sessions automatically and provides quick assessment possibilities, which increases the reproducibility and therefore the significance of the therapy.

Medical Product

AmblyoCare was developed as medical product of class 1 and is intended for temporarily use on patients. The use of AmblyoCare without medical support or it’s use against medical advice is prohibited. AmblyoCare gained a CE-mark for a certain time, which verifies conformity with the requirements of the European directive for medical products 93/42/EWG and the Austrian law for medical products BGBl. 657/1996 i.d.g.F.

The system structure of AmblyoCare allows three different scenarios:

  • the investigator can run the examinations and control them on one device with one monitor,
  • on one device with two monitors or
  • on two devices with two monitors.

i … investigator
p … patient

In the former two cases the investigator uses one device or monitor for controlling the examinations remotely while the patient sees the stimuli on another device or monitor. These three scenarios guarantee a high flexibility for using the software according to the needs and possibilities of doctors and patients.

Currently, the following methods for diagnosis and therapy of high grade amblyopia are included in AmblyoCare:

Visual Attention

Moving Stripes (Optokinetic Nystagmus)

Rotating Disc (Eccentric Fixation)

Visus Testing (Snellen-Testing, Landolt-Test)

Smooth Pursuit Movement

Saccades Movement

Contour Detection

Preferential Looking

Further possibilities include:

user interaction (e.g. clicking on objects to make them disappear or change their position)
games (e.g. Memory Game)
audio feedback
import an use of photos and sounds
overlay of a webcam picture to analyze the patient’s reaction
import of user sounds


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